Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last one. March 18, 2013

I love you all so much. ill see you soon, and i cant wait to tell all of you anything you want to know, and then some. be patient with me, i havent broken my habit of talking to much. 
        you guys and this gospel are everything to me. thank you for the love and support that you havent stopped showing since i decided to leave. i will always be thankful.
Elder Bridge

Call me Rengo. March 11, 2013

So that giant tower holds a suprise for anyway who can zoom in enough hehehe. old habits die hard i guess.
     On a totally unrelated note, i hurt my leg on saturday, twisted my knee and ankle pretty good, and i spent the last couple days hobblin about with a broom handle walking stick. That said, theres a sister in our ward with a 2 year degree in chinese medicine, and she did some ankle knee massage, and some acupuncture, and magnet something or other, and the pain has really all but gone away. im still limping, or walkin "rengo"  as they say it here, which sounds cool to me, but its getting better every day.
      Everyone in the ward has been giving me rides, and ibuprofin, and really bad medical advice, that come from years of tradicion and no logic at all. I love them so much. We had a great week of work last week and were starting this week strong. I gotta roll right now, were gonna go kick it with the zone, but i love yall a ton, and you´ll regret that you stopped writing to me towards the end! you know who you are!
    Love,. Elder Bridge

A mini missionary. March 4, 2013

Yesterday morning Presidant called me and said "im thinking about making your companion the new financial secretary, do you think hed do a good job?" and i was like well sure, hes way smart and blah blah last night we went to the mission home and dropped him off with his new comp. They do it half way through the transfer so that he has 3 weeks to learn his job and the old one can leave at the transfer. which leaves me with Samuel Vargas, mini missionary extrodenair. no idea how to spell that.
     Hes from here in Cordoba, his papers are in and hes just crossing his fingers to get sent to Tiujana Norte. Hes got tons of energy, his dads old missionary badge, and hes super nice, so i think its gonna be really fun, it has been so far anyway. So 3 weeks with Elder Owens, and 3 with "Elder" Vargas, who has dated chicks like 5 blocks from our house haha. But hes just so excited and you can tell hes gonna be a stud missionary so ill try to get him real excited. Thats all from me! the work is going good, pretty much nobody writes me anymore so i dont know if anyone is reading this, but im sure at least Aunt Claudia is!
         Alot can happen in 3 weeks, so we arent going to miss a single oppertunity,
     Love, Elder Bridge

Weekly letter to family. February 25, 2013

youre gettin really lazy about writin me fam! i aint dead yet!
 its been a great week. temple is making progress. were goin real hard. love yall!
      Elder Bridge

Future college grad! February 20, 2013

Dear Family,
     I know the title sounds trunky, but it made me think of tommy boy. i got accepted to the lds business college, just found out today, and it said that i will be on academic probation, need to have at least a 2.0 to stay enrolled. itll be tough, but ill give it a go haha. still waiting on hearing from the other schools. so enough about that.
       So I hopped on a train this morning with my district, from la calera, to a little town in the mountains called bialet masse. Elder Henry had been talking about wanting to go there cause he heard they sell cheap hammocks, and its his birthday, so we suprised him with the trip. it was really pretty, a cold and cloudy day, so we were thankful for that. and they did have the cheap hammocks, so he was happy. Im pretty tired and it feels like im at the end of the week and not at the start, so hopefully i wake up tommorrow with a little more energy. But things are good.
     My new companion is a great guy.Hes from sacramento, and his dad is a chiropractor, and were pretty good buds, and hes a hard worker, so were really enjoying the work and itll be a good last transfer.WE spend alot of time quoting movies or singing if were in the penchant. Im really hungry right now.
       I miss all of you alot, i hope everyone is good, havent been hearing from very many people lately, but you are all in my prayers and i hope all is well.
           Love, ElderBRidge

You know the babies gonna love it, because I do! February 11, 2013

WEll i guess its public now that Daniel and Christal are gonna have a baby! i knew first! they told me over skype at christmas, and ive been so excited ever since, but its been hard to keep in. Way cool right?
   Things in argentina are good. My back and legs are incredibly sore. ill tell you why. The houses here are made out of cheap bricks and cement. When they finish doing the walls, the roof needs doing. so they cover the top with bricks and rebar, and plug any wholes with paper, and then we do whats called "the losa". its really hard.
        basically, its two guys shoveling sand and rocks into buckets. 2 more guys making cement with the little mixer, and then a chain of guys getting the buckets of cement up to the roof and pouring it up there. there were twelve of us and it took 5 hours, in the blazing sun. It was really fun though because its always great to see the priesthood in action. a few of the guys were construction workers and it was nothing to them, bolivians are like from another planet when it comes to hard work. then the rest were just dudes that didnt know what they were doing and gave it their all. awsome to see. i was a rock shoveler for a while and then i was up top pouring the cement. very hard, my back just kills. so do my legs. think i might have already said that. anyway, we ate a giant asado afterwards so it was a good experience in all. 
             So i hope everyone is good, mail has been a little weak lately. lets get on that.
    Love, Elder Bridge

Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm meek, but I could be meeker. February 4, 2013

Dear Family,
      this morning, i put on the BELGRANO jersey that the familia castro gave me, and went to where? THE ACTUAL BELGRANO STADIUM! 
   For those of you who dont understand the significance, that is my team. and i got to go in and take pictures, and play in the teams practice field, and play baskerball in the stadium and everything. it was really awsome. the whole zone went and we took some awsome pictures and were way tired but it was awsome fun. Elder Larson and Melendez got permission from Presidant to come chill with us even though theyre in a different zone, and its always great to see those guys, so it was just alot of fun.
     This week has had alot of fun occurances for us, and we had 6 people in church yesterday. not as high as some weeks, but very special people and we were really happy when all was said and done. its gonna be a very busy last couple of months, i tell you what.
      So, love you guys, gotta roll but feel free to sent me a message for next week eh?
        Elder Bridge